Monday 19 April 2010


The silence in the skies above us has had me thinking about
the value of solitude.
Even when alone, 
I am never disconnected.
I am constantly aware of 
the pressing and urgent business of other people's lives.
As planes sweep restlessly overhead
carrying their many hundreds of unnaturally seated human beings,
as emergency vehicles announce their presence
with variegated alarms,
as people shout and gesticulate 
on their mobiles on trains and in the street,
I am diverted from the simple matter of being me.
My thoughts are tempered, even if only slightly,
by the need to react to others
yet they are not even communicating with me.
Leo Babauta talks of the lost art of solitude 
and has much advice to offer.
Nobody who knows me would think that a blog called Zen Habits 
would have much success in detaining me,
I am a multi-tasking, easily distracted flibbertygibbet,
I do increasingly feel bombarded by information,
harried and rushed through each brief day
and anxious about 'getting it all done'.
Perhaps it is time to take stock.
Time for some blue sky thinking.

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