Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lazing in the long grass

on a sunny afternoon.
That's where I hope to be this
first weekend in August.


  1. I love that first picture. And my goodness, you've reminded me, it's now August! Happy New Month!

  2. Lucille, I love those summer photographs...and am also a massive Kinks fan. Thanks for reminding me how much I do love that tune.

    Happy summer. xo

  3. I hope that the weather stays good enough for you to do that. It looks idyllic.

  4. Enjoy. The grass is so lovely just now, too.....

  5. We spent last Monday evening at our friends' farm and went for a walk around the golden wheat field, then through the clover hay. Today we actually have rain for the first time in ages. I'm working hard today cleaning so I can have a bit of lazy time as well this holiday weekend (it is British Columbia Day on Monday). Enjoy yours!

  6. Always nervous to lay in the long grass here.. too many snakes.. but your photos make me want to jump right in

    1. We have adders but I've never seen one and don't think to worry about them. Perhaps I should!