Monday, 5 August 2013

The rake's progress

There was some lying in the long grass

but there was also an awful lot of


The Retirement Home garden consists chiefly
of parched brown earth

and rocks and stones,
all of which have to be smoothed away
in time for the arrival of the turf.
Luckily there is always the chance that the rake will turn up 
a clay pipe, an old bottle, a button or some shards

I find it quite therapeutic.
And when it gets too hot to be therapeutic
I go inside and eat cherries.

Tinker, tailor, soldier, raker,
rich man, poor man, beggar man,


  1. Oh, there seems to be an awful lot of parched earth there! I do hope that the turf 'takes' very quickly.

    Those cherries look very delicious. My favoourite of all fruit.

  2. Beautiful picture of the cherries.

  3. Lovely way to spend time.. indoors and out