Thursday, 8 August 2013

Big Bear

Big Bear has been in the garage
for twenty years.

He needs a bath.

 He is quite surprised.
He has never had a bath before.

He was not consulted.
He would have liked to decline.

In fact he would like to object

in the strongest possible terms.

He has been hung out to dry.

Paddington Bear is perturbed.
He has been resting under the bed

for a very long time.
It was darker than darkest Peru.

Now he is blinking in the bright August sun.


  1. Newsworthy indeed. I wonder if Big Ted would like a bath, he's 46 years old and has never to my knowledge had one.

  2. My little Edward is older than me and has NEVER gone near water, and has NO INTENTION, THANK YOU!

  3. I will shield an even older Ted of my acquaintance from this post.

    I cautiously look forward to the next chapter of this tale.


  4. A restoratif will be required , I feel . You might need one , too .

    My bear is giving me a level look ...

  5. Oh drat. I thought you were gearing up to be a grandma......

  6. Oh, but I like your 'slow news day'. I had a Big Bear. I gave him to my nephew. I also had one I named Biko Aloysius. He went on walkabout. My favourite bear will always be Paddington, because of his stories and his sticky fingers from all that marmalade.

  7. I wouldn't dare wash Benjamin, at 46 he is still full of sawdust.

    1. Paddington Bear (39) is full of sawdust too and as such is safe from my attentions. I might sew his toggles back on if I have time.

    2. If I still owned my Paddington he'd be 39 too which makes me wonder if yours was also a present for a certain birthday? Or was it just Paddington's heyday . . .