Friday, 9 August 2013

To the drier side of Britain

Big Bear was left out on the washing line
last night.
This was an unfortunate oversight
as it was raining quite heavily at 6 a.m.

He is sitting on a beach towel on the boiler now.
He hasn't said much.

But the poster seems to have caught his attention.

It has given him an idea.

A Note to Readers

Lucille has been advised by Specialists
that she has been overdoing things.
A rest cure has been recommended for her too.
She protested that people would miss her
useful or beautiful outpourings and that she must soldier on.
They told her that she was losing her grip 
(which she thought was pretty rude) and that bizarre 'recipes',
whimsical stories and dressed up bears 
were concrete evidence of this.


  1. You seem perfectly sane to me Lucille and you are making me giggle.

  2. But you obviously didn't have any hand in it at all? Surely, it is all the work of Big Bear? I think he is trying to cheer himself up a bit and have a little holiday. After all I'd be feeling a bit glum if I'd been hung up by my ears overnight on the line to dry in the pouring rain!

  3. It all makes perfect sense to me!

  4. Well you made me LOL. Don't let them take you away.

    Sometimes I find myself writing as one of my animals.

    Who can know?

    xo Jane

  5. Lucille, my own unwashed Ted remains silent, but I do wonder about the identities of the un-named specialists.

    I do agree with Sue's comment...right to the giggle.


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  7. Don't listen to the voices...........

  8. Yes, you must soldier right on with the overdoing things. Nothing must change. Bon voyage, intrepid Big Bear.

  9. Bloggers who lose their grip are much more entertaining! But perhaps you need to grab your hat and backpack too, and get on a train to somewhere exciting with Big Bear.....

  10. Twenty years in a garage, an unexpected bath, and a dark night in the rain prepare a bear for most things ... I imagine he won't want to stop at the east coast. Worry if you catch him swopping notes with Paddington about routes to Peru.

  11. Perhaps he needs to spend a little quality time with Pooh Bear while you enjoy a cup of tea.

  12. Big Bear certainly has an adorable personality. He would make a great travelling companion to the drier side of Britain, and I am sure he would be most grateful to go.