Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How I know it's nearly over

The sweet pea


are getting


and shorter.

The apples are falling,

and I've put in my spring bulb order.

And yet and yet,
today there was a sudden burst of fierce heat
and I had to retreat to the shade.


  1. But the light is still beautiful, and we have plenty of late slanting evening bouts of sun to go, perhaps through till November. Now, tell us: what spring bulbs are you planting this year?

  2. It is the most beautiful light and the prism rainbows are back. So many bulbs that I had to avert my gaze from the checkout page and go lah, lah, lah until my order was confirmed. However, I will be pointing out that dear Sarah Raven has given me some free Rococo tulips. So that's alright.

  3. I actually found some late sweet peas that have long stems today - but the early ones have now gone to seed. Shame. You have put your bulb order in early - is this to avoid the rush and get the best ones before everyone else.

  4. Just received this morning Elaine! This is probably the earliest I have ever ordered bulbs but I have a very empty garden to fill and I never seem to get the forced hyacinths going in time for Christmas flowering.

  5. Yes, same here - the swallows are gathering on the telephone lines...


  6. It's distinctly misty in the mornings though!

  7. Little by little, the coming autumn is sending us reminders that it's on its way. Meanwhile, it is terrific to still see sweetpeas at the farmers market, and roses blooming in little gardens all over town...and in the Park.


  8. Sweet peas are lovely!
    Here, we have the first Sunrise apples from orchard country and the hillsides showing the first hints of 'rust' as the trees begin to change. We are going through clothes and determining what is needed for the fall...but today is going to 27 degrees, so we must enjoy it!

  9. Hasn't it been the best summer for a long time though?

    1. Yes and very much needed to store up for the rapidly approaching winter.