Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Important announcement

Empowered by Quince Tree creativity on the iced dessert front
I have here an absolute humdinger of an ice cream recipe
and I think it only right to share it.

Take one tub of decent ready made custard,
preferably with a classy speckle of Madagascan Vanilla seeds,
(not Bird's)
stir in some double cream,
then, and this is the genius bit,
swirl in some lightly whipped (not regular) Nutella
and chopped pecans.
Put it into an ice cream maker
or freeze it in a plastic box, stirring it around a bit
if you remember to before it has frozen solid.

I have used the quantity 'some' because
I didn't measure anything in my bid for
independence from the constraints of recipe books
which I have hitherto been in thrall to.

I wanted to call it Nuts and Pecs
but O. said better not.

The Marmite ad is for Old Black.


  1. Well I'd most certainly call it nuts and pecs. Nutella in ice cream is an inspired idea and breaking free of the constraints of recipes is not only liberating but rewarding.

  2. That is all the validation I needed.

  3. Thank you, Lucille! Interesting that it was marketed that way, rather than a stand-alone spread, which is how I think of it. Even more interesting is that you have this.I can't quite read the date. Is this an 'olden days' original - e.g. from your mother's recipe book :-) or some much more recent historical reproduction?

    The ice cream sounds great! But I'll bet my "some" is different to your "some".

    1. Yes it's an original advertisement from a pile of 1950s magazines I found in a skip. We never use it as anything but a spread. That was as jazzy as post war cookery suggestions got!

  4. Num num. I may have to try this... I found a recipe for coconut milk and strawberry ice lollies recently, and what a disappointment they were! I suspect this will be better somehow. (But I do like Bird's custard - rather runny - on rhubarb crumble!)

  5. This sounds excellent! I wonder if we can get ready made tubs of custard over here...nutella is no problem ;)