Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The self-same utensil jar

I'm sorry I couldn't make Tuesday,
but here is the self-same pot of utensils
as seen on Mise's blog,
(now restored to us after a lengthy hiatus).
My bottle of wine was just out of shot
and nearly as empty.

But don't just go for the pot,
there is a cheese biscuit recipe
and a novel way of measuring your daughters
to be found there too.


  1. I noticed Mise's utensil jar too because I used to have on just like it. I regret getting rid of it now.

  2. My pot of utensils bows to your pot of utensils, Lucille. I raise what little wine is left (a nice pinot noir) to you in companionable thanks.

  3. Yes, I saw Mise's posting with the Pink Daughter and the Calla Lily!

  4. Thank you, Lucille for the link over to Mise's site with the promising recipe (once the weather cools a bit) and that lovely photo of the floral yardstick.

    Now you've inspired me to someday do a post about how/where I store kitchen stuff that will never, never fit in my kitchen.