Thursday 24 November 2011

Roberts revived

Yes, I bought a new radio.
Yes, the old one has regained consciousness
and is broadcasting again!

If only the hedgehog could have been 
brought back to life with a hairdryer.
It still haunts me.
How did it get in there?
How wasn't it spotted?
But then again,

(those of a sensitive disposition
 look away now)

how did our missing hamster get into a Thermos flask,
in a cupboard,
put the two tops back on and die there?


  1. Sky TV will be in touch with you any day now for a prime-time series called 'When Hibernation Goes Bad'.

    (The word verification for this comment is 'tattypie' - one of the nicest so far.)

  2. Good news about your radio, I thought it might just survive. Shame you had to splash out on another.

    Did the hedgehog get into the freezer?

    No idea about the last one but am pretty certain it could not have put the tops on by itself.

    The mysteries of life!

  3. Your (ex) hamster was too clever for his own good ..... evening classes in Hard Algebra and Applied Physics seem to have led to fatal experimentation .