Thursday 10 November 2011

The dying breath of a churlish salmon

I am once again consulting 
the Farrow & Ball paint chart.

At the moment it is a toss up between
Elephant's Breath and Churlish Green

for most off-putting name,
although Dead Salmon, Savage Ground
and Arsenic are close contenders.

'Paint it the colour of elephant's breath' was the instruction 
Nancy Lancaster gave to a decorator. 
She had previously specified such colours as 
caca du dauphin and vomitesse de la reine.

But I won't be put off. 
I'm sure I remember seeing it put to good effect
in Rachel's last house.


  1. It was the fact that the green was called Arsenic that made me want it in my kitchen - what does that say about me? But I also have Cook's Blue, so perhaps that counteracts it.

    Savage Ground sounds rather exciting - what a world of possibilities . . .

    Pomona x

  2. I always fancied being the person who gets to name paint colours...(I am not that person but I wish I knew who was!)

  3. Good grief! What fine amusement for us humble Dulux users...

    It all looks lovely, though.

  4. How about shades called 'Aged Grime' or 'Worn Faux Leather'? What fun those people at Farrow & Ball must have; how jolly their tea-breaks must be.

  5. There I was, expecting a post about your battle with the fish kettle! I know nothing about paint, I only ever choose white!

  6. My friend Simon in Souff Lunnon has assured me that he's just made a lovely job of his drawing room using F&B's Butler's Snot.

  7. I'm with Mise......... what fun to think up the colour names....

  8. I shall have to investigate that company, what odd names to give to paint.

  9. We have Elephant's Breath in our bedroom: best colour choice we ever made.

  10. There's no salmon recipe then?!

  11. Er, wasn't me! Elephant's Breath was my friend's house; mine was Old White No. 3, and various testers of various F&B shades for lamps or picture frames. I'm flirting with Downpipe in my mind's eye at the moment.....

    If I had a job as paint namer, I'd be tempted to call the beige hues Cat Litter... Cold Porridge... Old Vest...

  12. What names! I love reading paint names, and the names of nail polish colors. I envy the person who gets paid to think them up.