Sunday 3 July 2011


from the blog in summer.
So, a round up of the last few days,
filled as they have been with family and friends, 
reunions and partings,
some art and some car parts,
backgammon and backwaters,

all of them accompanied by food and flowers.

The art was the Miro exhibition at Tate Modern,
in which I was, as usual, more entertained by my companions
and the other exhibition visitors, than the paintings,
and the car part was this hard to replace
rear windscreen blade for our sixteen year old car
lately given a stay of execution
with a new battery and a passed MOT.

Oh and I had a haircut.

I look like a rather cross owl.


  1. Hard to tell what you'd have to be cross about . That looks like a very successful haircut . And your weekend delightful in every way !

    I'll swop you ... my Monday morning with 80-odd preschoolers and their accompanying adult , lots of colleagues , a city farm and rain forecast for yours . Whatever you're doing .

  2. You could have a very nice magazine with your food and flowers, collections and literary excerpts - but a blog is probably a lot less stressful.
    Your haircut is very much like my friend Marilee's. I think it makes her look younger, and if I could see below your eyes I would probably say so for you too.

  3. There is a graceful settled feeling about your place, the central point of which is probably that lovely kitchen (or is it a dining-room?) window.

  4. Yes it is the kitchen window and you are right, it is the central point of the house with the best view of the garden.

  5. You look neither cross nor owlish. I really should do something about my hair too.
    Are those Florentines?

  6. Such a summery post........ loving all the flowers and food and boy, what a nice feeling when and if the car passes its MOT.....

    You do NOT look like a cross owl. My other half had to go round and rescue a Little Owl that had fallen down next door's chimney last week. It didn't look cross, just bemused.......... (I got to stroke it quickly before it was taken outside to fly off into the night again!).

  7. Thank you for all your kind comments. Yes Florentines, simple but sticky to make. I forgot to dip them in melted chocolate so ate the chocolate alongside.

  8. oh the photographs of flowers.... especially the cornflowers.

  9. I just had to stop by and say hi. . . There's lots of loveliness in this post--the flowers, the cherry, *all* of the food. . . and your haircut is really attractive! Love it.