Monday 18 July 2011

At the water's edge

 At river, lake and sea side,
we saw fish leaping up and kingfishers
flashing by - recognition coming after the fact.
Swallows and swifts grazed the surface
to scoop up insects rising.
Swans braked vertically for a crash landing,
 wings beating with the noise
of a thunder board 
and then recovering their poise,
swam sedately upstream.
Ducks bobbed and uptailed,
men canoed,
our host bailed
120 litres from his dinghy.
Waves rolled in and deposited their dead
wreathed in weeds.
Monsters emerged as the tide receded
and cows slumbered like a pride of lions, 
in a glade at the water's edge.
Perfect pebbles striped, mottled, layered,
begging to be selected,
had lost their shining allure
when pockets were later emptied.


  1. So nice to be here again at your blog. I particularly enjoyed the writing accompanying your photos in this post - I remember how difficult it was to reconcile with the fact that pebbles lost their lustre once dried. I finally learned to collect pebbles for their shape.

    The canoes are wonderful with their decortation.

  2. My goodness, such prose! I had the feeling of watching lions too. The crab was only just visible.

  3. I really, REALLY like that canoe photo........... a beauty!

  4. You are a clever woman! Wonderful photos and writing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.