Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vines on an old stone wall

Agatha Christie and her family loved to collect things.
They put serious time, energy and money into their collections
and some of them are displayed at Greenway.
A great many things though were piled haphazardly
in glass fronted cupboards and display cabinets
where they looked excessive and unlovely.

 I am trying to reduce my possessions,
and I have to admit to a mea maxima culpa cupboard 
containing a small collection of Poole pottery jam pots,
so this was a thought-provoking sight.
In the end, I decided that
this vine,
on this stone wall, 
was the loveliest thing I'd seen at the house
and that I could take a lesson from it.


  1. Why is it that we get so bound up with what starts as something beautiful - but ends as useless clutter?

  2. Ah, possessions. I have a few of those...