Sunday, 24 July 2011


Buddleia self-seeds all over the garden
in the most inhospitable places
and because it is known as the butterfly bush 
I have let it be.
Sadly there has been a distinct lack of butterflies
until today, when I saw this beautiful peacock butterfly
feeding on the flowers.
I attribute this success to the fact that I have left,
for the first time,
a patch of Stinging Nettles
and a large clump of Golden Hop,
both being the preferred foodplants of the caterpillars.


  1. What lovely pictures Lucille, you've obviously done exactly the right things to have those butterflies in your garden. My Buddleia died in the extreme winter that we had. They always look so tawdry when the flowers die don't they?

  2. Not as many butterflies here as usual, but above average amount of ladybirds.

  3. Interesting. We have fewer ladybirds here. Last year they came in an amazing assortment of spots and colourways.

  4. Yes, tawdry is right. I'm snipping off the brown flowers if I have a [pair of secateurs to hand.

  5. I don't think the weather has been very butterfly friendly so far - I have always had a lot of butterfly planting in my garden, and generally quite a lot of butterflies, but not this year up until the recent sunshine, when I have seen a few. I hope there isn't a knock on effect next year.

    Pomona x

  6. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. Both your words and your photos make this an entertaining site to visit.