Tuesday, 5 July 2011

As seen

Less silvered than Cathy's, 
more like old green glass.


  1. I wonder if the silvering would have been more pronounced if you had used a cylindrical glass vessel?

    It is a remarkable effect though.

  2. Don't know what causes it..... had wondered if it was our drinking water which my other half refuses to drink..... we joke about it being radioactive! My photos were taken on a sunny day (I had to wait for sun to go in behind clouds) on an internal windowsill in bright light. Also wonder if the age of the poppies means a loss of silver? Just a thought as I seem to remember that your poppies were quite ahead of ours. I used a tumbler for most of my shots and a wineglass for the first one. I also tried a cut glass brandy glass but that did nothing extra. Loved your choice of music by the way :O)))))

  3. they remind one of cute little sea creatures ....