Saturday 30 July 2011

Better than expected

The weather man predicted
a cloudy day with a few sunny intervals.
Happily he was wrong.

It was a perfect summer's day -
sunny with a few cloudy intervals.

I pottered,
washed and dried sheets and pillowcases
in double quick time,
read my book 
and picked the first Victoria plum.
The man next door was playing rather loud music
but he was up on some scaffolding
painting his house white
and singing along -
so I stopped fretting and enjoyed that too.


  1. This really made me smile! Love how you decided to enjoy what was going on with your neighbor! Lovely pictures on what sounds like a lovely day.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day... and that first Victoria plum is the cherry on the cake! Lovely post, and I agree with Susan about the way you dealt with noise from the neighbour: it's too easy to let other's noise spoil your peace but you just went with it :-)

  3. Such an exuberant garden, lovely. Always best to go with the flow (or radio) for a relaxing time.