Thursday, 24 February 2011

Walking on

'Sentries and cardboard shields: parallel gestures,
it seemed, in a world of bombing planes and motor traffic.
But perhaps the making of the gesture was what mattered.

She pulled herself together and walked on.'

From The First Day of Spring by Jan Struther.
On being able to accept that 
you are unable to right all the world's ills
but that you must do what you feel you can
and then walk on.


  1. Well I think painting your chairs to match your fruit is a bit extreme Lucille but I take your point. I'm off to bed now and I will look up that reference in Mrs Miniver.

  2. Exquisite photographs, Lucille..

  3. 'Keep calm and carry on,' said the Queen. Lovely, lovely photos - I'm longing for the colours of spring!