Wednesday 16 February 2011

The tiresome touches of time

All is not lost.
I bring you this double chin remedy from 
The Family Weekend Book by Beryl Irving 1941.

Take a deep breath and incline the neck forwards.
Exhale, relax neck muscles,
and drop head on chest.
Take a deep breath, lift head,
stiffening neck muscles,
and drop head backwards.
Take a deep breath, stiffen neck muscles
and incline head sideways to the left.
Breathe out, lift head,
and repeat to the right.
These exercises, taken in conjunction with 
the use of a good reducing cream, patted in,
followed by an astringent lotion, and,
if you really mean to go at it wholeheartedly,
a chinstrap worn at night,
should work wonders. 

I don't believe Audrey Hepburn
ever needed a chin strap
but she appears to be wearing one anyway.


  1. What with all the exercises , creaming , patting and strapping up I'd never get to bed at all . And then the fine lines of sheer exhaustion would start making me look even more aged .

  2. Not sure I can manage the chinstrap bit, either!

    This post reminds me of a 50th birthday weekend that I recently attended. I was chief photographer, and I kept warning the women to "arrange their necks" (chins, really) so they wouldn't be upset later by "candid" pictures.

  3. It all sounded very convincing till I got to the chinstrap part!

  4. I can't help but wonder how one "arranges their necks"?

  5. I think it might be a matter of raising the chin or doing that thing that actors do for their publicity shots with a casually placed hand to cup the jawline usually with a faraway look in their eyes. A kind photographer will always make them look up to the camera.

  6. I do what Lucille says, without the faraway look - all the time!