Thursday 17 February 2011

The fun bit

Paul has finished painting the bedroom, 
so now I can turn my attention to furnishing it.
I need look no further than my 1940 copy
of Housewife magazine for inspiration.

Gay colours in chintz bedspread and curtains glow against the
neutral coloured background created by plain waxed furniture,
fawn carpet and cream walls.
The curtains are made from a novel, tufted fabric 
called Rathkelle (from Old Bleach), consisting of 
charming blue tufts like little bows on linen-coloured ground.
The bedspread has a broad panel of gaily-coloured washable
glazed chintz from Sandersons, mostly in pinks and blues
and the chintz motif is repeated 
in the lampshades each side of the bed. 
The pale blue of the curtains is echoed in 
the pale linen cover of the easy chair 
and the rugs either side of the bed are a soft pink.

(Amanpuri in original chintz from Sanderson) 

I haven't found the tufted fabric yet except for 
somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory.


  1. My childhood friend, whose mum is Zambian-born, England educated, brought back yards and yards of Sanderson's linen from a trip to London. They covered their sofa and chairs with it and I admired it extensively - chintz with soft pink roses on an off white background.
    Your sample is beautiful! Have fun with the decorating. Will you show us the results?

  2. The only thing that comes to mind as a tufted fabric is 'Candlewick'. I wish you luck in your search.