Monday 28 June 2010

Going greige

Unless you're wearing three shades of 'greige' on a daily basis, 
you're seriously behind. 
The curious colour hybrid (grey and beige - do keep up) 
is now the one on fashion insider's lips - literally.

"Shades of steel, stone, shell and fawn send a message 
of quiet luxury and timelessness during an economic recession," 
says Future Laboratory trends expert Jonna Dagliden...

Put simply, greige looks more expensive than it is
 without tipping into the realms of "flashy" 
and less than a week after the new Budget, 
that seems pretty appealing.

Who needs a triple-digit handbag 
when you can get this season's hottest arm candy for a snip at £16 
with Chanel's Le Vernis nail polish in Particuliére.

This vital advice brought to you by The London Evening Standard
and these on trend but nervy visitors to the garden tonight.

Here I am, apparently sliding under the table 
with my new greige hairdo.
Am thinking of changing my name to Bella Blissett.
(It was her byline, btw, and I think only good fortune
and eternal happiness can come with a name like that.)
I was nearly a Minette.
Who would she have been?
A cat possibly.


  1. Greige looks great on felines and coiffured bloggers.

  2. A cat definitely. Or a personal maid to a certain type of society lady in Paris....

    And greige is just perfect, in my book! Minette might wear a simple little greige frock with a neat white collar.

  3. The new greige is so chic and who better to model it than a slinky feline.