Sunday 27 June 2010

Smoke Bush

My Cotinus coggygria is beginning to take on its 
characteristic smoky purple haze 
as it comes into flower for the first time.

For musical accompaniments
it was a toss up between this one:

and this one:

My vote?
Your vote?


  1. Definitely Smokey.
    I now realise my vocation was misplaced. Wish I'd been one of Smokey's back-up vocalists. Am now off to practice that dance routine!

  2. The music was slow to load, so in my head I was imagining Bryan Ferry singing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and Prodigy: "Fire Starter" (I am a woman of extremes!). Therefore, it was interesting to see your choices. I plump for the Hendrix out of the two. Lucky you to have a smoke bush.

  3. Jimmy for me. Great photographs.