Thursday 10 June 2010


There is something very dispiriting about
the fireplace in Summer,

particularly on a darkening June day.
John R. Mollison had a bright idea in 1877
which I noted with interest
during my visit to the Geoffrye Museum.

There are ferns in the garden,
I'm just a little hazy about the method for
'getting up' especially tastefully.

Perhaps an embroidered screen would be better.

This one from the dining room 
in Sunnycroft in Shropshire would do nicely.

Or do I just admit defeat,
light a fire,
and make hot chocolate for everyone?

[edited to add]
I made cheery pie instead
and watched Amelie.
See here for the origin of that happy typo.


  1. Cheerless indeed, exactly what I thought when I turned the lights on mid-afternoon!

  2. A fire would be very nice in this typical British summer weather!

    I have some lovely beech logs in mine, neatly cut by the Lovely Son for precisely such a decorative purpose. They must be 15 years old now, and yes, I've been known to hoover the dust off them.....

  3. Chilly for June, as my granny used to say.

    Garden's beautiful, though. If I had a grate, I'd fill it with flowering plants.

  4. That screen is lovely. I have a huge framed photo of Tibet as a screen in front of my large fireplace these days. I watched a movie today, too as it was dreary like yours.
    A House With Four Rooms is a favourite book. I hope you are enjoying it.

  5. It's good to be cheery - and I love Amerlie.