Tuesday 8 June 2010

The rose bowl

The roses are looking perfect so,
dodging the showers,
go out with your secateurs and gather a few.

Arrange them in the beautiful silver rose bowl
you bought from Liberty & Co
in 1908.

Pose in your best medieval gown for
John William Waterhouse

and suggest he calls it,
'Gather ye Rosebuds while ye may,' 
because carpe diem is your motto
and Robert Herrick is all the rage now.

When your arms start to ache with holding them up
for such an age
and the petals have started to drop,
pop them down on a table,
(Constance Walton wants to paint a lovely watercolour)

pull up a chair,
and make some pot pourri.
Herbert James Draper gave you the idea in 1897.
Here is the recipe.


  1. Such beauty! Thank you,
    Jo x

  2. Went to a Waterhouse exhibition a year ago in Groningen and loved how he paints textures . His portayal of silk and velvet was masterly .

  3. I love your blog ... I really, really do!

  4. Inspired.
    I meant you are. Perhaps the staff would not understand if I were to make my "namaste", draped only in rose petals....

  5. Lucille, that is just the sort of beautiful post with glorious images that we need today as the cold wet weather continues to ravage the roses in my back yard.... Thank you!