Monday 14 June 2010

How to tell it's summer

Banana nut bread,
(not shown, all gone)
fruited Swedish tea ring,
scrambled eggs,
hot buttered toast,
mao feng green tea
lights on at 4 o'clock.

From where I'm standing,
only the petunias
that it is summer.

Is it summer where you are?
Please send proof.


  1. Hello Lucille,
    I don't know if this is proof, but here in Virginia it is too hot to cook...and has been on an off for weeks. Our menu is more like:

    guacamole and tortilla chips
    chilled teriyaki tofu salad in a wrap
    iced coffee

    And the only time the sun goes away in the afternoon is when a thunderstorm rolls through, but doesn't seem to cool us off. The grass is crisping and the leaves are drooping....may we trade places?

    Hoping true summer comes your way,


  2. Here it is definitely summer, definitely June - and definitely the monsoon season.

  3. Definitely summer here in Newcastle - you can tell by the biting wind. Yesterday I needed (but hadn't thought to wear) my thick padded coat for walking the dog at 8 pm. Central heating on for a bit, electric blanket later. Best weather is usually in early May or September....

    Food wasn't interesting enough to share with you; salad, stir-fry, but a yearning for a hearty soup.

  4. Summer hasn't checked the calendar here lately ...