Tuesday 29 June 2010

Fruit and maps

You can have them thisaway


If you have them thisaway, they are certainly more portable
on walks,
but if you have them thataway
you can put on a yellow T-shirt
as recommended by the man selling them,
and let them dribble down your chin.


  1. Also - are those doughnut peaches? We are loving them, and they are very well designed for children's lunch boxes.

  2. I was browsing in the children's section of one of our local second hand bookshops - I have a bookaholic 8 year old - and came across "Something to do" I had it as a child, and couldn't resist buying it. I am loving dipping into it. I keep coming across bits I remember - like the conker furniture - though I can't remember actually doing any of it...

  3. Or you can opt for the fruit gums, and revisit your reckless childhood days by putting the entire tube (unwrap first!) in your mouth at once and be rendered blissfully speechless for 10 minutes.

    (Oops, I may have given myself away here.......)

  4. The box was labelled 'flat peaches' which isn't very poetic, but I suppose accurate.