Wednesday 10 March 2010


An early night is called for.
Either that or I will have to acquire a taste for

Lucozade, known as Glucozade until 1929 and marketed as
a source of energy for people with common illnesses with the slogan 
'Lucozade aids recovery'.
Later losing its sickroom associations the new slogan read,
'Lucozade replaces lost energy.'


  1. Sugar highs ! Scarey , very scarey ...
    Sonata .

  2. Howdy! *waves* I'm just stopping by to check out your blog. I found my way here from another site and I wanted to see. :D Very nifty and interesting posts.

  3. I think I need some of that ... :-)

  4. As children we knew we were poorly when my mother bought us a bottle of Lucozade. We loved it (although it's one of those tastes that is a bit of a rude shock when re-experienced as an adult!) and the orange cellophane was treasured for making things with or just for looking through at a golden world.

    But being really really ill (e.g. measles, with a new baby on the family) meant home-made beef tea.....

  5. You jolted a memory of a Sunday school trip, me so travel sick, being persuaded to drink Lucozade. I still avoid bus trips.