Monday 22 March 2010

Real life

Today I have been mostly in the pantry, 
there was a very bad smell.
It had to be tracked down and eliminated.
It emanated from the fridge.
That is all I am prepared to share
as there was not a photo opportunity to be had from that, 
I bring you two better moments from the day -
my Pilates class view from the mat
and a jug of narcissi.


  1. I worked somewhere where there was a bad smell in the kitchen - fridges were replaced, deep cleaning done but the smell remained.

    One day I was standing next to the ornamental garlic 'rope' and took a deep sniff - yes, that was it! It had gone completely rotten but looked perfect!

    We also had a bad smell in our living room, we tracked it down to a dead mouse under the sofa - cats!!!

  2. Love the graphic quality of that top photo!

  3. I'd be grateful for any sort of smell from the fridge. Mine is currently on a mission to deep freeze anything within.
    I was planning on giving the kids some ham, but it was so frozen that the only way of using it to silence their hungry wails would have been to club them into submission with it.

  4. those two photos go together so well ... great eye!

  5. I came home from a weekend away, to find husband and son oblivious to the stench throughout the house, eventually traced to a large bowl of tuna and rice salad that had, for some reason, been stored in the oven rather than the fridge. It took months for the smell in that oven to clear.

    I think you should tell us what it was......

  6. A decomposed cucumber, that had turned to liquid in the bottom of the fridge. I remember it well, it had the most truly awful dreadful smell!

  7. Yes, better to dwell on positive rather than negative sensory appeal.

  8. Couldn't have smelt as awful as a fugitive rotting potato ....or did it ?
    Those flowers , on the other hand , are beautiful .

  9. Not wishing to cover a mildly unpleasant kitchen odour with the usual flowery air-freshener scents, I discovered a delightful alternative antidote: vetivert essential oil applied to a duster and left on the radiator to vapourize. Heavenly!