Wednesday 17 March 2010

All over the place

It was quite simple,
all I had to do was find 
a glazier,
(air gun pellet hole in window pane)
a fencer,
(next door's fallen over fence, which will never be repaired 
if the last sixteen years are anything to go by)
a pond mender,
(leaking and frogs already advancing with intent to breed)
and a decorator,
 (hideous yellow patch as result of leaking roof)
ring them up
and get them round to give estimates.

How many of these things did I achieve?

Woman at the end of her tether.


  1. I'd cut that list down a bit, if I were you - yes, the frogs might welcome a bit of prompt home maintenance, but you could just sellotape over the hole in the window, ignore the damp stain for a while, and leave the fence for another year. 17 years is hardly different from 16....

    See? Easy. No need to go green in the face.


    Mrs Sloven

  2. I know that feeling. Sometimes I find, and this sounds a bit odd, that I have to stand outside myself and almost be someone else, to get things done - or started even.
    But frogs and a pond (even a leaky one) now that's an achievement. I'd love a pond, we have frogs but the pond is on the 'to do' list which is now so long it stretches almost three times round the moon and back again!
    I sympathize Lucille