Tuesday 1 July 2014

Sissinghurst secluded

No, not a special out of hours viewing.

But a cunning plan.

 Arrive just before opening time at 11am.
Even on a fine June Saturday.

 Queue politely with the milling crowd at the entrance booth.

Walk purposefully through the gateway
as the clock strikes 11.

Then when everyone turns left to see The White Garden,
looking its best at this time of year,
but very confined,

turn sharp right

and have the rest of the garden to yourself.
They haven't even had time to climb the tower.

Of course you will soon start meeting people
as they percolate through to Delos,
the Rose Garden, the Cottage garden, the Orchard, the Nuttery, 
the Yew Walk, the Herb Garden, the Moat Walk and the Lime Walk
and then you will have to content yourself with close ups.

But you will perhaps have done everyone a small favour
by staying out of their way,
especially if they have flown thousands of miles
for a once in a lifetime visit.


  1. Now that IS a cunning plan! Such a beautiful place, still on my To Do list. I am strangely comforted to see the occasional patch of bare earth or a few little holes in the blooms.....

    1. There were teasels! I think the new Head Gardener is aiming for a less manicured look.

  2. Lucille, you plan worked beautifully. I am so glad that your camera was part of the plan so that we can also benefit from these views of beauty. Wow! I admit to never having been to Sissinghurst, and do not have any adequate excuse. Until I do find myself back in England at a garden-y time of the year, I am going to return again and again to this post of yours.

    (With regard to the immediately prior post, please do always take your camera with you, even on walks along familiar routes.)


  3. I've been there at the very end of the day. Equally peaceful and lovely.

  4. Those flowers are amazing.

  5. Wishing and hoping and dreaming and praying...until then this will more than do:-)

    xo J

  6. Another one for the bucket list. The clematis are glorious.

  7. so considerate of you to keep out of everyone's way!

  8. In regards to the "once in a lifetime visit".... I was just this morning reading the comment of someone who recently visited the UK: "London was a mass of humanity." It made me wonder what it's like to actually live an ordinary life in a famous place which is inundated by tourists. You would presumably miss out on the experience of seclusion, which is (in my experience) extremely important to incorporate in your life.

  9. Good plan ... good photos!

  10. I would like to hire you to be my special tour guide when I go to England. That way, I can take advantage of all your cunning plans ;-) I do so love to avoid the crowds as long as possible.

  11. This looks just magical! The colours! The flowers! The gates, and doors, and benches! Thanks for the tour!
    I've just found your blog (through a very curious comment on Soulemama's blog about a citric acid limitation), and I love it here!