Wednesday 30 July 2014

Peace restored

The flowery mead in late July.
The rest of the garden is virtually flowerless
now that I have pulled up all the sprawling geraniums.
I'm minded to extend this patch next year,
it has been such good value.

'Terra' has just told me that this is Coreopsis
and it means 'always cheerful'.
It links in rather well with this post too.


  1. Lucille, it's good to have this peaceful kingdom report. I really didn't know what to comment after reading your last post. Neighbors and neighborhoods can be tricky, in person and place.

    I do love my own urban neighborhood, but every now and then something happens that really does crackle. Very locally, like right outside this building's windows, there's been a lot of noisy disruption for the past few weeks. I don't think that we are even half-way through this building maintenance project. Lots of drilling...noise, drilled particles flying all around and not so good vibrations.

    Perhaps by September peace will be restored, and the facade of the building will also have been restored to brick and mortar health.

    Not quite the same as a police raid,


    1. Frances, we actually live in a perfectly pleasant London suburb, with lots of nice normal families around us. There is just this one flat that apparently has someone troublesome in it. We never see him or hear anything from him but clearly he was up to no good as there were three arrests. I'm so sorry your summer is being marred by noise and dust. Someone was using a pneumatic drill when I went out to have my lunch in the garden yesterday and it drove me back inside, but it was short-lived. The scaffolding on the outside of the neighbouring house is still unused. We don't know what the plans are but it is certainly in need of work.Our privacy and peace will be compromised but I suppose it is a necessary evil.

  2. Lucille, thanks for your reply. Good thing I didn't want to sleep late this morning...before 9 am the drillers commenced their duties right outside my bedroom window (on the side of the building that faces the street.) I might have to leave home for a while if they don't complete this particular duty soon.

    As you's a necessary evil. xo

  3. We are on the same wave length, my current blog post is of a bouquet of coreopsis so our photos have a connection. Nice to meet you here.

  4. Children are always cheering ... as are yellow flowers . The more , the merrier !

  5. That patch looks beautiful. I'd be tempted to recline alongside it with a book (and earplugs/iPod if necessary) and just enjoy the colours.

  6. If you feel inclined to cut any it gives a lovely dye!

  7. Love the coreopsis. I might need to grow some!

  8. Your flowery mead even looks cheerful, doesn't it?