Monday 11 August 2014

A round up

I haven't been around lately.
I've been round and about.
The first five pictures are from Kettle's Yard in Cambridge.
The bench is in Bateman's Garden, Rudyard Kipling's home.
The jelly fish was narrowly avoided underfoot

while paddling.


  1. Lucille, I am so happy to have recognized the charming Kettle's Yard views before I even got to your text. Isn't that house a very special place? I was so fortunate to visit it myself last autumn with a very fine artist Celia Hart. It was a memorable experience.

    The garden bench and seaside photographs are also lovely. Glad that you avoided that jelly fish...true contact would have lead to a very different photo op.


  2. I was so envying you the bench until I realised it was Kipling's, not yours!

  3. Cambridge, Batemans, Stockholm, Tokyo. I love reading your blog as there are so many coincidences! And of course your photos are beautiful and your writing is interesting!

  4. There's something very satisfying about circles . And paddling .

  5. I haven't been paddling for far too many years. I love the image of your shadow. I was envying the shape of the window...

  6. And Mary Poppins paddling in the sea........