Tuesday 26 August 2014


Here comes Freddie.

He's a Harlequin Great Dane.

Hip height to a short adult (me).
I was a little apprehensive.

But he was more interested in this horse than me.
We've never seen grazing horses here before
and we've never seen a Harlequin Great Dane.
We talked to his owner while he stood a little way off
surveying his surroundings.
Freddie has a tumour and has already outlived the vet's prognosis
of fifteen months survival.They decided against invasive treatment
and so he is enjoying leisurely walks in the late summer sun.

My camera had done this strange thing as he and his owner loped off.


  1. That bottom photo looks like snow!

  2. Considering the dog's condition, that last photo is a mysterious one indeed.