Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Plums on a tray

Destined for a tray bake plum cake.
Riveting stuff.
I blame my broken glasses.
Someone sat on them.

What were they doing in your pocket you ask?
Well sometimes I would rather look unframed about me
 with a compromised focus
than look clearly 
in a restricted field.
So I put them in my coat pocket.
Then I take the coat off and put it on the bench
and someone sits on the coat.

That'll be £60 to mend the snapped bridge, says the optician.
So compromised focus it is for the time being.
I have an assortment of old glasses to press into service
until I'm due for another eye test.


  1. Not good. But cast your mind back to schooldays - wasn't it a common sight, children with broken specs sturdily strapped together with stretchy Elastoplast? It could be a cool look if worn with aplomb. Just sayin'.....

    1. This remedy was seriously attempted but there wasn't enough purchase. Then my husband (the guilty party) wanted to use a small nail as a brace across the bridge for the plaster to stick to. I drew the line there.

  2. Lucille, sorry to hear of the case of the broken glasses, but I must say that your green tray of splendid plums is a lovely photograph. Carrying on, I'd also like to tell you how much I liked the plates's displays in your prior post.

    What a delight it is to visit here! xo

  3. Such a lovely tray, though: the right shade of green and looking a bit worn without being artificially worned. I mean distressed. The comment box spellchecker doesn't like 'worned'.

  4. Specs. are alarmingly fragile , irritating to wear and unflattering unless you're Sofia Loren . But hard to do without .
    I've been known to superglue broken bits of mine back but I agree with Rachel , Elastoplast works best ( better still back in the days when National Health specs. only came in Elastoplast pink ).
    Those lovely "real " plums look delicious , much nicer than the very purple shop ones .

  5. Questioning my sanity letting my 18 year old daughter go alone tomorrow for new specs, as I spent too much time taking her old ones in for repair last year. So happy "sturdy" is in style this year!

  6. My husband sat on my specs too. I took them to Boots, where I got them, to get new frames and to my amazement the lady said they were under guarantee because they were less than a year old. Yes, but my husband sat on them, I said. Surely you don't guarantee against that? Yes, she said, and gave me new frames free.

    Good, eh?

    Those plums look LOVELY.

  7. Oh, I sat on my glasses, took them to the local Spec Savers and got a similar pair a few hours later...

  8. I have the same reading glasses that I bought from Poundland in Eastbourne two years ago. I see that the Poundland is now closed. Bummer, I was hoping to get an extra pair! HA!
    Those plums look plumb good.

  9. My daughter M likes to go around unfocused, too -- seems so odd to me.

  10. Your vision still seems to be spot on when it comes to photographing the plums.

  11. The advantage of needing to wear specs at all times means I never have them off my face and have never broken a pair in 32 years of wearing them. Getting on splendidly with my new varifocals by the way. Love the plums on the green tray, makes me think of Milly Molly Mandy for some reason.

    1. I think the apple green that they painted MMM's bedroom has lodged in your subconscious.

    2. Of course! The room was used to store jam in before it became MMM's room. They must have had plum jam in there.