Monday 21 July 2014

Something you may not know about me

Some people like shopping for clothes,
some people like shopping for shoes.
Let me loose in a specialist horticultural, arboricultural and forestry outlet
on an out of the way light industrial estate
and I'm in my element.

Admittedly I have to dust off my Blokeish,
but look what I got.

It's an extendable pole lopper with a twelve foot reach.
Just the job.

Here's where it all started.

Or perhaps it lurks even further back in the blood.
My maternal grandfather (after a stint as a teenager, opal mining in Australia)
studied forestry in Germany and then joined the Indian Forestry Service
and served at Chatrapur, Berhampore and Parlikimedia
in the north of Madras Presidency.
Me, I'm controlling brambles, ash and sycamores
in the south of England Residency.


  1. I am reassured. There is hope for MastetM yet - one of his ancestors did 35 years in the Punjaub so perhaps that is his destiny.

  2. I'm with you entirely. I like the ones where you haven't a clue what many items are, or what they're for. We sometimes find ourselves in similar, mainly agricultural, palaces of delight. The Gardener enjoys explaining to the baffled townie the more mysterious items, like the artificial insemination kits, or lamb castration devices, but we generally come home with a pack of 'blue roll' - think a cross between paper towels and toilet paper, handy for anything and everything in the kitchen, utility, car, dog/cat accidents, picking up of dead prey, etc. But I also bought a summer dress in one such store (the one with the life-sized plastic horse modelling various items of horsey fashion), and if I'd cared to, could have come home with very posh wellies and alpaca socks, and a doormat with labradors on.....

  3. Lucille, I also enjoy moseying around places that sell various types of equipment, including art supply shops, of course! It's grand to discover that something exists to help you accomplish a project.

    Is there a chance that you'll show us a photo of this newly-purchased device in action? Please do! xo

    1. Well I'd have to get someone else to take it as it needs both hands!

    2. Lucille, do call in extra hands. xo

  4. According to Husband , these are the only places to buy clothes . No one else seems to understand the importance of quilted check shirts , apparently .