Wednesday 16 July 2014

Work in progress

Looks like you're trying to make a quilt Lucille.
Need any help?

No thank you. I have read all the blogs.
I have the rotary cutter and the special ruler and the self-healing board.
I have the fat quarters and the pins.
What can possibly go wrong?

Do not click to enlarge to see the mismatched corners.

I said don't.

Anyway, look at this.
I've washed an old tablecloth to use as 
the backing material.

It's bleaching in the sun.
It will look as though I have hand embroidered the back.

If the child asks one day,
'Granny did you embroider the back?'
I will have to say,
'My dear, it was all I could do
to make the squares line up properly.
But I did it as carefully as I could
on a very hot day in July 2014 while we were waiting
for you to arrive.'


  1. A rotary cutter! So that's how they do it - good job, well done Lucille - and yes, I did enlarge it.

  2. I think you've done a marvelous job, Lucille. Much better than I could ever hope to do. xxx

  3. And it will become a family heirloom. Justly so.

  4. it is a very special thing to make and will be loved xxxx

  5. You did fine, just fine. I have a love/hate relationship with my rotary cutter. There's a "knack" to the darned things that I can't seem to master. Hey ho...................

  6. Love the implications of this. And the quilt too of course.

  7. Lovely! Useful AND Beautiful.

  8. Lucille, I admire rotary cutters in others' hands, but have never used one myself. Have put it on same list as hot glue gun. I do have one of those cutting boards, though,

    I did not click to enlarge, I think your quilt is looking like a treasure. Beautiful and unusual color and print fabrics.


  9. I didn't click on the picture, I trust you. It sounds as though you might be busier that usual qhite soon.

  10. It will be cherished I am sure, however perfect it may or may not turn out to be, precisely because Granny made it x

  11. It is lovely Lucille…you have the patience of a saint. I have been working on a needlepoint stocking for my son, I am embarassed to say for how many years. I worked on it this morning, determined to have it read for this Christmas. When I looked closely, I noticed all the imperfections…then I thought, all that matters is that it was made with love. I am sure your one day you grandchild will agree. ;)

  12. I think I love you. At last, someone else who isn't a natural corner-matcher. And congrats on the expected quilt-user! Lovely lovely.

  13. Oh, I've just clicked on the "all the blogs" bit. No wonder your corners rebelled if you're taking me as inspiration!!

  14. Congratulations , lovely news !
    Babies are remarkably obliging to quilt for ... they can't focus on sewing irregularities and , being small , don't need acres of quilt to cover them ( good , since the project comes with a deadline . )
    And you earn major Granny points , which you can cash in very soon .

  15. Oh, oh, oh! Congratulations!!!!!

  16. It looks fabulous and will look even better in a few years time when its 'loved in', which is what happens when quilts are 'broken in' and when they look their best in my opinion.

  17. Oh, congratulations!!

    I pieced a quilt last fall for Finn. It didn't seem like it would be hard, and I used a big block w/ strips around the outside. I decided that a quilt w/ lots of little squares will never work for me--the precision necessary is not in my blood. I did piece that top, then I sent it to a friend, who is a professional quilter, for the quilting and the binding. Whew.

  18. Congratulations are in order! The quilt is very sweet as it is, by the way.

  19. What a lucky little one to have YOU for a grandma!