Wednesday 2 July 2014

A flowery mead

This is a circular 'meadow',
one metre in diameter
cut out of the middle of our scruffy lawn.
I'm very pleased with it.
I just sprinkled them about a bit
and up they popped.
She says it will still be flowering at the end of October.
We'll see.


  1. I think these have to go into bare soil so there isn't any competition. We have wildflower turf elsewhere (from Q lawns) and it is a much more robust affair. I'm presuming perennial unlike these seeds, but it has only had one season so I don't know how or if it repeats.

  2. It looks so pretty. Did you remove the turf first? I want to do something similar, but the grass always takes over..

    1. Yes I stripped the turf off first - which was mostly daisies and couch grass!

  3. Cornflowers always surprise and delight !

  4. it's lovely! we've just left a patch of our lawn uncut, it's astonishing what's flowering in it! but it's nowhere near as pretty as that!

  5. Isn't that just beautiful?

  6. I had some in a very pretty salad the other day.