Monday 30 June 2014

The new old walks

Whenever I set off for a familiar walk

I invariably wonder aloud whether

I really want to carry my camera

because I can picture it so well

and nothing will have changed much.

I am always wrong.

I left the camera behind when I went for a short walk by the sea.
There was a beached ray on its back, smiling up from the sand
just like a Disney character.


  1. Lovely pictures of Poppies, thank you.

  2. I am just the same. and I inevitably take it. only to find that yet again the battery is dead.

  3. First rule of blogging - never leave home without a camera. Sadly, yesterday when visiting Highgrove, no cameras allowed - my trigger-finger was itching all day.

    1. I can well imagine. Was the meadow looking marvellous? I've never been but I saw a programme about Miriam Rothschild advising the Prince over his meadow.

    2. Unfortunately the meadow had 'gone over' - the tour guide said it was due to be mown.