Monday 2 June 2014

Moon daisies, shadows and damsel flies

Peace has been restored.
BT finally rang me back today and agreed to pay compensation.
And the reason for my futile calling?
The special number I had been expressly told to ring 
had been suddenly withdrawn from service
but crucially did not stop playing its,
'We are very busy, you are held in a queue 
and will be answered as soon as possible,'
Jennifer, on the receiving end of the resultant flak from
many, many broadband customers was, 'Disappointed'
that this had happened, neatly appropriating
any feelings of disappointment I may have had.

Moon daisies led me to Moondance
to lower my blood pressure.


  1. Damsel flies haven't shown up here yet. Maybe they don't like cold, wet, windy, wet, wet, wet, wet....... Well done for capturing them on camera - they're too fast for me, as a rule.

  2. Just back from a road trip from UK to the Italian Dolomites, via six countries and back again so I am trying hard to catch up. I am glad that you have been compensated but really there should have been no cause for such a thing.

  3. Those wonderful photos relaxed every muscle in my body.