Tuesday 3 June 2014

Festive red

I was idly opening emails while loading these photos
when up popped this Tab T LED Table lamp - Limited edition
in festive red from Skandium.
Well as it happens my bedside lamp (IKEA)
is in a state of collapse. 
The arm gently subsides and the light bulb fizzes and dims.
This light boasts an engineered ceramic diffuser
the shade is fully adjustable and doubles as a book rest 
to ensure that you never lose your page. 
(I quote.)

It also boasts a £239 price tag.

I'm going to have to resort to a book mark.

This one came free with The Priory by Dorothy Whipple.


  1. Don't you just love the bookmarks from Persephone? Did you enjoy "The Priory"? I did.

    1. You were missed! Yes I enjoyed it. Time to read it again.

  2. I think you can curate practically anything these days. And a thing is not just made, it is engineered you note.

  3. Not sure I would want a red lamp by my bedside, really - though it might look cheerful elsewhere. Nice bookmark!

  4. I agree that lamp is beautiful, but seems a bit pricey.

    May I raise my hand as another Persephone fan? When I was in London last autumn, I actually helped stuff the envelopes with Biannually booklets to be mailed out all over the world. It was also fun to have a catch up chat with Nicola. I have one of the past year's Persephone diary calendars, bought to give me a sample of each of those marvelous endpaper images. I treasure it.


  5. I enjoyed "The Priory" too. And though the lamp is pretty, I wouldn't really want to drape my book over it.

  6. That is a stunning lamp, but way beyond my budget for such a simple thing. Another Persephone fan here though so I too am well supplied with bookmarks :)