Friday 27 June 2014

The Lovatt jug

One of my mother's jugs, often filled with Dad's gladioli
and always seeming huge.
It is big, and I don't often have big enough flowers
to do it justice.
These came from the meadow bank where the ox-eye daisies
are tall enough to make me feel like a child again
when I walk down the path between them.


  1. Oh, I love those giant daisies - and that second photo: gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful jug and beautiful flowers, those Daisies are my favourite yellow and white blooms.

  3. I thumbed through the latest edition of Martha Stewart Living yesterday. There was an article about a floral designer who makes beautiful arrangements that look fresh-picked from the meadow. Very pretty!
    Is that Queen Anne's Lace, as they call it in Eastern Canada, in your vase?

  4. Beautiful photos, I love ox-eye daisies!

  5. The ox-eye daisies are beautiful; the council recently banked up the sides of an oft-flooding river nearby and the ox-eyes have smothered it. Maybe I'll head down there tomorrow with the camera...
    The jug's a lovely shade of green too.

  6. They're lovely , as is their name .

  7. I think justice has indeed been done.
    Your post made me think of what I will keep of my mother's things to remind me of her. She has loved her flowers and garden so much that a vase would be ideal...a memory which is somehow renewed and refreshed with each new bunch of flowers.

  8. You manage the best shadows.