Wednesday 25 June 2014

Garden wish list

This sweet rose, without any blackspot.

Some well organised clematis, this one climbing through a white rose.

This one scrambling up onto a deck.

Or this one with its own pillar
instead of our wildly uncontrollable clematises up a pear tree,
 monopolising the washing line and disappearing next door.

Some gravel without weeds.

This stylish garden furniture
instead of the rickety collection we own.

 A hammock between two trees.
We had one once in its own frame, 
not having suitably spaced trees,
but too many teenagers piled on to it 
and put paid to that arrangement.

A pond that doesn't leak and isn't covered in duckweed.

Nasturtiums threaded through a clipped yew.

Either of these windows in outbuildings
 and I'll have that jug too.

This view framed by

these roof tile sandwich pillars.

All seen at Great Dixter and a garden in Sussex open under the National Garden Scheme.


  1. looks heavenly. I have one of each too. no I'll have two roses actually. and some extra lavender. I'm greedy x

  2. This is my garden wish list too!

  3. And a gardener to go along with it.

  4. Can I have that garden too? Or can I at least come and visit you once you've requisitioned it?

  5. Superb - I love the riotous clematis -these gardens are so inspiring - if only...

  6. Oh, Great Dixter looks to be full of inspiration. My humble wish is just to have a garden, even a small one. Good sunlight would be a plus, but I wouldn't even mind a shady patch. xo

  7. Wonderful pictures. Great Dixter has been on my list of gardens to visit for a while since seeing Christopher Lloyd on television many years ago. If I ever get there, it looks like June would be a good month.

  8. What a delightful place to be.

  9. Do roses come without black spot? How strange.....

  10. No weeds in my gravel driveway and heat-resistant nasturtiums for summer salads will do for me!

  11. While the flowers are indeed faultless and beautifully organized, I was most impressed with the architectural details you show here. What does that say about me, that I gasped at them and not the artful clematis? :-)

  12. Absolutely lovely windows and pillars. I think I might be refusing to look at gardens just now because my own is such a mess!