Thursday 19 June 2014

They're changing guard at Sveriges Kungahus*

I was standing on an island in the middle of crossing the road
when who should hove into sight

but the Swedish Royal Life Guards,

a combined cavalry/infantry regiment of the Swedish Army

accompanied by the mounted band.

They were on their way to the palace for the
changing of the guards ceremony.
They have been protecting the Royal Palace in Stockholm since 1523.
Apparently 800,000+ spectators visit the outer palace courtyard
each year to witness these ceremonies.

I was in a crowd of three.

Here's how they sounded.

*'They're Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace'
was an oft played record in my early years.


  1. Yes, it's always exciting to witness one of those moments!

  2. How thrilling! And how lovely to hear little Ann Stephens and her cut-glass enunciation again after all these years!

  3. Perfect spot at the right time!

  4. What an exciting thing to happen. Isn't that blue striking?

  5. How jolly! Loved the colour co-ordinated horses. Liz

  6. The thought of playing a tuba (?) while riding a horse in circles is daunting , never mind who was looking after my socks .
    Aren''t their uniforms a wonderful blue !

  7. I cannot believe they are doing dressage while playing musical instruments. !!