Thursday 19 June 2014

When the sun comes right in

In this north-west, south-east facing house,

the sun only shines in through the back windows
 at this time of year.

 But everything is lined up and waiting for that moment.
I just have to be there with the camera.

Tall Cat knows where the sun is in the morning.


  1. You always conjour such wonderful images with light and shadow and I love looking at them. Your Poppy seedheads are lovely too. Thank you.

  2. Just beautiful. Enjoy your summer sunshine.

    Tall cat sure ir.

    xo J

  3. Ah, cats always know the best spots, don't they...

  4. I had to smile at tall cat. The whippets watch for the sun to move around in the morning - the back of the house is south facing - and end up all five squeezed into a couple of square feet of sun, slowly spreading out as it fills the room.

  5. Lovely photos as usual. Cats do love to sleep - which comforts me a bit when I think about our lovely Sirius who is now having the permanent nap. Sigh.

  6. Cats are very good at finding those spots, aren't they?
    Your photos are beautiful - I must admit, when the sun shines in in my house it inevitably leads to we realising how filthy my windows are!

  7. Your house has the same orientation as ours and sun is a precious commodity! You have a wonderful eye - a precious gift.