Tuesday 14 January 2014

Comfortably ensconced

We seem to be the regular all day snooze venue.
I have to eject him rather firmly
as darkness falls.
'Go back to your family,' I say.
'They must be missing you,' I say.
'You can't stay here,' I say.

He looks at me very reproachfully as he is shown the door.

'See you tomorrow morning,' I say.


  1. He looks so at home!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh dear , that look would be very difficult to resist .

  3. Don't you just love this behaviour??? I visited the old lady who lived round the corner from us a few years ago, and there, sat on her own "special" chair, was my little black cat. Apparently she used to go round, scrape her paws on the patio door to be let in, then mew at the 'fridge door for her milk which was decanted into her own "special" saucer. Apparently she was even given the oil from tinned tuna fish to keep her coat nice and shiny.................. Grace (my cat) had been trotting home in the evening leaving us totally unaware of her secret life.

    That is a stunning looking cat you have visiting you. Absolutely beautiful.

    1. Ditto scraping paws at the kitchen window, (see the muddy marks), then rushing round to the back door as he hears the key turning, ditto mew at fridge for tiny saucer of milk, ditto the special chair. The only thing I don't do is feed him. He didn't come today. Maybe it was someone else's turn. Perhaps he operates a strict rota. He is beautiful and doesn't bite our ankles. I think we have the best of all worlds.