Thursday 23 January 2014

White hyacinth

Well worth the wait, 
although I do wonder just how much earlier
I should have started forcing them,
for flowering by Christmas.

Their scent a fresh new greeting
each time I return to the room.


  1. Indeed they are worth the wait.

  2. I love you, Lucille!
    I suppose I'll go ahead with my holiday paper whites!

  3. Lucille, I am smiling in agreement that white hyacinths are so beautiful when their blossoms appear. I bought a pot of three hyacinth bulbs last week, thinking that the blooms would be pink. They are now revealing their white blossom beauty, and the scent is divine!

    Spring is months away, but I've got just a little bit of it right here.


  4. I'm looking forward to the white hyancinths I planted this past fall. You just reminded me that I did so, and of what I have to look forward. Not many flowers smell as sweet as they do!

  5. Probably better to have them blooming now, in the dreary dark days of the year, than at Christmas, when they'd have to compete with so many other stimuli?

    1. Yes I think so. Better than Rescue Remedy.

  6. Yes, I agree. I always like hyacinths in January, to chase the winter blues. No room to put anything at Christmas.

    You do take lovely photos. I keep thinking that I should stop using my cheap camera phone for the blog! (I'm blaming the equipment... )