Tuesday 28 January 2014

Clop along*

Given the way the day ended
with more vicious rain and a computer seriously on the blink
(neither sending nor receiving email 
and imperiously demanding login keychain passwords
if I so much as look at it)
it is hard to believe that this

is how it started.

Fortunate then that I had the foresight
to purchase these

so that I can go to my happy place.

*It's definitely 'clop along' not a typo.


  1. 24hoursofhappy.com took up FAR too much of my time last week as I sat clicking round the clock and thoroughly enjoying all the people dancing......

    My e mail account isn't opening at all this evening either and I am hoping it is just a glitch.......................


  2. I read your other posts recently but could not seem to leave a comment. I will try again today. We are getting little buds on our shrubs and the snowdrops have come up. I bought some flowers for indoors but they don't seem to be faring too well. And it's time to throw out the pointsettia from Christmas (laughing when I think about your post last year on the subject :)

  3. I'm trying to leave a comment...again...so I will only say that I was remembering your post on pointsettias last year and thinking about throwing mine out.

  4. we can't live with 'em and we can't live without 'em - I've had my fair share of problems over the last week too - funny how a bunch of flowers can restore the spirit - mine are tulips

  5. My computer is always our business home back-up one, so is loaded with all sorts of things that just tie it in knots. Still, better than nothing!

  6. Pretty post, I like it. Hoping that you get your cumputer fixed and the sun comes out again soon. Stay smiley!