Monday 6 January 2014

Not getting the rays

We had thirteen minutes and fourteen seconds
more daylight today than on December 21st.
It's painfully slow progress.
I'm not feeling the benefit yet.
In fact I am feeling more seasonally disaffected than ever.

On the other hand it was spookily warm this morning
 at 6.30 on the way to the station.
My new thermometer had blown off the wall of course
but it read 12.5º C under a clear starry sky.

Meanwhile I read of a wind chill of -50ºF in Wisconsin 
and boiling water turning to snow when thrown from the pan.


  1. Do you know what I find strange - even though we live at different ends of the country I photographed exactly the same sky as you (I stupidly tend to think the sky I see from my window is my sky and everywhere else is different.) p.s. miss your clothes pegs

  2. I long for an unseasonably warm morning. I had hoped for a no winter-winter but alas. Tomorrow in Virginia it's going to be the coldest day in 20 years. Oh joy.

    13 minutes, not shabby. In two months we'll be feeling all springy here.

    at least that's what I tell myself every January.

  3. We don't just live in different time zones ; looking at that beautiful dawn sky , it's obvious that we live on different planets !
    It's been sepulchral in the mornings here and I hate eating breakfast with the light on . It reminds me of going to school when I was very small and anxious about the 4x table .

    1. 7x4=28. Oh those ghastly tables. But I do still remember them and even need them. Unlike sine and cosine.

  4. I thought 13 minutes was pretty good, really - obviously you are more seasonally affected than I am! I love the idea of boiling water turning into snow!! But not having to endure the cold that permits such a wondrous thing.
    Never mind, Lucille, soon it will be Spring, maybe with snow in between.

  5. New header? Looks very good.

    Thirteen minutes on this side of December 21st is good. I never could remember the times tables, we hade to recite them each morning but I used to 'la la' in tune.