Friday 10 January 2014

A speck on the horizon. . .

. . . by now.
He has flown away back to Japan,
but not before we booked up places to stay 
when we go to visit him during the cherry blossom festival.

Watching the cherry blossom forecast
will make a pleasant change from watching
the weather forecast.


  1. What a lovely thing to look forward to!

  2. Our daughter is being considered for a job in Japan and it breaks my heart to think of her so far away, but she has been infatuated with Japan for years and travels there 4 or 5 times a year already.

  3. Saying goodbye must have lost some of its pangs with the knowledge that you are going to be visiting him soon! Very exciting.

  4. A cherry blossom festival - who knew!

  5. I am already looking forward to your photos and reflections on the cherry blossom festival, if you decide to post them. Japan is very far away - far over that horizon there - so, thank goodness for skype and phones and text and little treasures sent by mail.

  6. It's ghastly when they go , isn't it , however glad one is that they're building a good life and are happy .
    He'll love showing you it all . And what a magical time to go !

  7. Sympathies - waving goodbye at airports is the misfortune of mothers with adventurous sons and daughters..

  8. This picture is just so good, IMHO. I love the balance of sand-water-sky; the fact that he's walking purposefully towards the light...and the water; the trail of footsteps in the sand; the location of the sun just on the very edge; his long shadow making a line that cuts across his footprint trail; and that mysterious 'fence' in the middle of the sand that is a barrier and yet it's not.

    1. Thank you. You have shown me more than I noticed was there when first taking the shot.

  9. I must agree that your picture is succinct. If you would like a foretaste of what is to come, why not take a look at Flickr? A Japanese man who posts there is called Shinichiro, he has been amazing me for years.

  10. My sympathies, too -- I've got a daughter in the Bolivian jungle. But it's exciting, too, and how great to be able to visit!