Wednesday 29 January 2014

Would anyone like these?

I am still up to my pearls in decluttering.
Yesterday, film negatives,
today, very old newspapers.
Would you like to help me?

What do you find hardest to let go of?


  1. Oh I have way too many magazines....I know I will never read them again but still pike them up! X

  2. Lordy, just LOOK at Charles and Di..........

    I seem to be hoarding images/recipes/websites etc online now. Methinks there is no hope...................... I seem to have swapped real clutter for virtual clutter.

  3. I was clearing out the desk drawers the other day and found a pile of photos of houses we went to look at when we were househunting 30 odd years ago (and I could remember the location of each and every one of them) - why I kept them heaven knows - and to cap it all I put them back in the drawer I had just finished clearing out - I think I have a problem!

  4. The only things that I have which might form a loose collection is pieces of pressed glass in various shapes and forms. I find it endlessly fascinating and would be unhappy to have to get rid of any of it.

    Good luck in your endeavour!

  5. Given how fascinating we all find ephemera . especially vintage copies of magzines and newspapers , it's obviously your duty to keep these for future generations . Your greatgrandchildren can sell them on eBay .

  6. No thank you, I daren't help you, as things could only worsen for me. (Not that I'd do anything with those newspapers but use them to light the stove...) But I bet you have treasures that I couldn't part with either!

  7. Perhaps you could donate them to the Museum for Failed Royal Marriages - if such a thing existed.
    I find it hard to get rid of books.

  8. Anything child-connected, ie programmes of concerts they were in 20 years ago, postcards they sent, birthday cards they drew...

    Must must must be firmer.

    I also have a collection of ancient newspapers. Would you like to augment yours? No?

  9. I had those newspapers,kept for posterity but think I chucked them some years back. But 30 years of Royal Opera House programes ...?