Monday 1 July 2013

At last

Out in the summer garden
on the last day of June
at Great Dixter,

looking for shade!
One of the resident cats
had beaten us to it
but kindly budged up.

It seemed only fair to share my ice cream.


  1. See your 7th image, Lucille, with the poppies. Is that purple flower some sort of Salvia, do you know? It is running riot magnificently in my garden and I've always wanted to know what it is exactly.

    1. Yes salvia nemorosa I think. They don't label at Great Dixter.

  2. You had me fooled for a moment, I thought it was your garden!

  3. I thought the same as Toffeeapple. It's a beauty.

  4. I have always wanted to visit Great Dixter. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Lucille, that's a garden I would like to visit. Thank you for sharing the photographs of that sunny day. Looks to me as if you and the resident kitty made a good trade.

    Here in NYC we are doing our traditional rainy lead in to July 4. Hot, humid, intermittent rain...ultimate bad hair days.


  6. Blissful , and having to wait so long for it , even more beautiful !

  7. That is a stunning garden, and a very pretty house, too, from what I can see of it. Sweet kitty. I would have shared my ice cream, too, I think.